Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have You Had Enough?

By:  Dale Brown

Never have I seen the American public so disgusted with our Congress, Wall
Street and the large corporations.  Partisan politics, negative campaigning and
seemingly no control over big business is literally sickening everyone.  I plead
with you to lead the way in cleansing a system that is totally out of control.

Americans are not only fed up with the greed, the lies and the cheating but they
are angry.  Please serve as a beacon light to change a system that so
begrudgingly accepts change.

150 years ago, British historian Thomas Macaulay made this dire prediction for
America, “Your civilization will be destroyed in the 20th century, as Rome was
in the 5th century.  But the huns and vandals which will destroy you will come
from within, from your own institutions.”  Yes, I know this is the 21st century
but we better wake up and demand that our Congress start putting the country
first or his prediction could come true.

J. Paul Getty many years ago said, “I fear that unless there are many drastic
changes in both basic philosophies and actual practices in every sector of human
existence, our society will deteriorate and decline.  It may well be wracked
with upheavals far greater than any in previous history.  It could, and I do not
take the possibility lightly, be totally destroyed.”

I now ask you, will you just read this and delete it or will you try to do
something about it?  It has been said that nobody makes a greater mistake than
someone who did nothing because he could do only a little.  Please contact your
congressman and demand change or vote them out of office.

I have traveled in 90 countries throughout the world and fully realize there is
no better place to live but if we truly want to make this a better place to live
we should follow Gandhi’s advice, “We must be the change we wish to see.”

When I was visiting Auschwitz I was appalled by seeing what one human being
could do to another and thought how could this be possible.  As I was leaving I
saw a small plaque which gave me the answers, it said, “The road to Auschwitz
was built by hate but paved with indifference.”  We no longer can be indifferent
to the ills of our society.  Always remember when truth is in danger, silence
equals guilt.

Great social transformation such as the end of slavery, the women’s and Civil
Rights movements and the end of colonial rule all began with public awareness
and engagement.  Political leaders followed rather than led.  A few courageous
and committed people fed up with the system brought about the change.  I
sincerely hope that you will be stimulated to do something constructive and
demand that we return to the principles that made this country the best in the

The system in Washington, D.C. and the large corporations in this country are
corrupt.  It is rigged by the powerful special interest groups to benefit the
very few at the expense of the many.  William Bennett in his book, “Death of
Outrage” said, “The leader must be whole, he cannot have his public character be
honest and his private character be dishonest.”  We are to blame for many of our
current problems because we have not demanded enough from those in powerful

All of us Americans have a duty to end the corruption, greed, ineptness, and
cronyism that have dominated the political and corporate world for far too many

What we desperately need today on all fronts are men and women willing to stand
up for decency, truth, integrity, morality, law and order and who will respond
to their conscience even when it is unpopular to do so – especially when it is
unpopular to do so.

So now the question is, can we change a sick system and the answer is
emphatically YES but only if we are vigilant, committed, disciplined,
determined, and courageous enough to demand good ethics and honorable

The idea of saviors has been built into our entire culture.  We have learned to
look to stars, leaders, and experts in every field, thus surrendering our own
strength, demeaning our own ability and causing us not to act when we see
incompetence, dishonesty, and injustices.

Abraham Lincoln warned us when he said, “At what point is the approach of danger
to be expected, if it is to reach us it must spring up amongst us.  It cannot
come from abroad.  If destruction be our lot – we must ourselves be its author
and finisher.  As a nation of free men we must live through all time or die by

If you have had enough, please let your voice be heard.

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  1. Excellent viewpoint, Coach. I'm afraid indifference and lack of understanding runs rampant with the general public. Let's get educated and learn from the mistakes.