Monday, October 3, 2011

“Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with 
the gift of your attention.”  
Jim Rohn
Leadership Notes - Part 4
31.     Being open and attentive is more effective than being judgmental.  This is because people naturally tend to be good and truthful when they are being received in a good and truthful manner.

32.     The leader cannot be seduced by offers or threats.  Money, love, or fame-whatever gained or lost-do not sway the leader from center.

33.     The fewer rules the better.  Rules reduce freedom and responsibility.  Enforcement of rules is coercive and manipulative, which diminishes spontaneity and absorbs group energy.

34.     The more coercive you are, the more resistant the group will become.  Your manipulations will only breed evasions.  Every law creates an outlaw.

35.     Good leadership consists of motivating people to their highest levels by offering them opportunities not obligations.

36.     Knowing that you do not know everything is far wiser than thinking you know a lot when you really don’t.

37.     The wise leader models spiritual behavior and lives in harmony with spiritual values.

38.     The wise leader knows that yielding overcome resistances, and gentleness melts rigid defenses.

39.     A leader must endure a great deal of abuse.  If the leader were not like water, the leader would break.  The ability to be soft makes the leader a leader.  This is another paradox; what is soft is strong.
Interfere as little as possible.  

40.    Interference, however brilliant, creates a dependence on the leader.

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