Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help him find it within himself."
– Galileo Galilei

Effective Coaching

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Coaching Defined
Coaching is the art and practice of inspiringenergizing, and facilitating the performancelearning and development of  the player. (Myles Downey)7
Each word in this definition is a key word:
art – though there is science to coaching, coaching is an art in the sense that "when practiced with excellence, there is no attention on the technique: the coach is fully engaged with the player and the process of coaching becomes a dance between two people, conversationally moving in complete harmony and partnership. At this point the intelligence,intuition and imagination of the coach become a valuable contribution - rather than being interference for the player."7
inspiring – coaching is about helping the player to unlock his or her true potential through raising awareness, inspiring new ideas and encouraging creativity
energizing – coaching is about energizing the player through effective communication, soliciting suggestions, and building a can-do attitude
facilitating – implies that the player has the capacity to have an insight or creative idea and to think something through for himself
performance – anything a coach says or does should be driven by the intention to improve performance, i.e. to achieve greater effectiveness or efficiency of the player
learning – refers to a broader domain, how to approach a task or master a new technology; looking beyond immediate objectives, the future performance of the organization depends on learning
development – refers to personal growth and greater self-awareness.7
The Goal of Coaching
The goal of coaching is to guide vision, urge excellence, and empower the one being coached – the player – through establishing a firmer connection with his or her inner authority.

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